STEX 30 000 USDC BIRTHDAY Trading Competition

03 Apr, 2021
Press release
STEX 30 000 USDC BIRTHDAY Trading Competition

10 winners will earn $3,000 in USDC each

April 03, 2021  The global cryptocurrency exchange STEX announced today its Birthday Trading Competition in which the top 10 traders can earn $3,000 in USDC  from the largest in history of  STEX  $30,000 reward pool. The competition runs from 04 April 2021 to 25 April 2021.

The top 10 traders with total volume (buy plus sell) will receive a reward according to their ranking in the competition. Participants will be ranked in a descending order of total trading volume on ANY trading pair. STEX will credit rewards directly to each winners’ USDC wallets on accounts.

About STEX

Established in 2018, STEX is a powerful cryptocurrency exchange that makes it easy to buy, sell and invest digital currencies from one fast, and convenient platform at low competitive rates. Users can choose from more than 400+ trading pairs, purchase crypto with credit or bank cards, and exchange fiat to crypto or crypto to fiat with a few swipes on their mobile device. Founded in Estonia, STEX meets all EU regulations for cryptocurrency exchanges.


Congratulations to the winners!
STEX Birthday Trading Competition results:
1. blo***
2. nad***
3. jam***
4. cfd***
5. aat***
6. ply***
7. ynt***
8. lsc***
9. man***
10. jlk***
Reward already distributed to winners’ accounts