Spot trading whenever and wherever is easier with STEX

04 Jul, 2020
Spot trading whenever and wherever is easier with STEX

Buy low, sell high. That’s the mantra for coin traders who are looking for opportunities to grow their assets through smart trading.  But there’s always a level of anxiety that comes with real-time “spot” trading. Timing the order and waiting for conformation can be frustrating and even disappointing when opportunities are missed. Why worry? You can increase your chances of spot trading success when you place your orders with STEX.

Let’s take a look at how STEX makes spot trading simple.  For starters, its powerful mobile app makes it easy for you to trade on-the-spot no matter where you are.  And this isn’t a stripped-down version of a platform that you may find with other exchanges.  The STEX mobile platform is fully-featured to give you the power and convenience to place orders right in the palm of your hand.

Now that you’ve got the powerful STEX trading platform on your mobile device, set it up for trading success.  Use the highly customizable notifications to keep you on top of the market. Set Price Notifications to alert you to price changes for coins you follow.  Set Limit and Stop-Limit orders to keep your orders in check and avoid costly errors.

Once you’re all set up, start trading.  Simply tap the currency pair you wish to trade and you’ll go directly to the trading screen.  You can place a Usual Limit order by entering your Buy/Sell price.  Or, you choose the current average price all Buy/Sell orders for the pair on STEX in real time. Once your order is on its way, the STEX platform quickly identifies a trading party with the same or lower price.  If the perfect partner isn’t available at that moment, your order stays open until you choose to change it or cancel it.

You can also set a Stop Limit Order. Just set the price at which you’d like to stop trading.  If a trading partner isn’t available at your price limit, your order will be held until the STEX system finds an order that matches your price.

Mastering the art of successful trading is the goal of most coin holders. They view their digital coins as an opportunity to earn more assets.  You can, too when you place your trades through STEX.  You’ll find the fast and easy trading process takes the pain out of placing an order. So you can spend less time worrying about your trades and more time creating orders that earn - with STEX.