BitcoinZ Halving Trading Competition

10 Sep, 2021
BitcoinZ Halving Trading Competition

Competition Time: 09:00 September 10, 2021 – 00:00 September 20, 2021 (GMT)

Participants: STEX customers

Rules: The top 20 participants with a net-buy volume (Buys minus Sells) will receive a reward according to their ranking in the competition. The top Traders on LTC/BTCZ and BTC/BTCZ pairs with a total volume will receive BTCZ as a Reward on STEX.

Participants will be ranked in descending order of net-buy volume of BTCZ. STEX will credit rewards directly to winners’ BTCZ wallets on accounts. Prizes will be distributed within 7 business days after the end of the competition.

PLUS: A $500 winner whoever Guesses the Closing price of BTCZ on October 10, the day of our halving.

*Send all your predictions to

Your outgoing address must be recognized by the STEX system.

Disclaimer: Cheating via duplicate accounts, sub-accounts, self-buying and self-selling, and pre-meditated transactions are not allowed.

Ranking Prizes to the final net-buy volume:

Top 1: $500

Top 2: $365

Top 3: $250

Top 4: $150

Top 5: $120

Top 6: $100

Top 7: $80

Top 8: $75

Top 9: $50

Top 10: $40

Top 11-20: $27

Total Prize Pool: $2,000 (Paid in BTCZ Coins)

Grand Total Price Pool: $2,500 USD (Paid in BTCZ Coins)



Risk Disclosure: Trading digital assets and tokens is a risky endeavor. Please evaluate fully before committing to any trading decisions.