STEX Announces on BeautyPayCoin(BPC) Token Swap

25 Aug, 2020
Press releaseSTEX Announces on BeautyPayCoin(BPC) Token Swap

STEX is going to support BeautyPayCoin(BPC) swap to Doctors Coin(DRS) with ratio 1:1
BPC trading and deposits are disabled since 23, August 2020.

If you are holding BPC on STEX or other wallets, please transfer your BPC into Aladdin Pro wallet for swap before 10th September.

The opening of DRS is planned:
Deposits - August 22, 2020
Trade - August 28, 2020
Withdrawals - August 29, 2020

Website of DRS:

Website of Aladdin Pro wallet:

Download address of Aladdin Pro wallet:

DRS contract address: 0xbf13FF395D686Ed7C705A5411CC8E4E21Ff2Ceb2