About Us

About Us

STEX (previously stocks.exchange) - regulated crypto currency exchange based in Estonia.

Operated by Etna Development OÜ with license "Providing a virtual currency service"

  • 300 000 +
    registered users
  • 400 +
    coins/tokens listed
  • 400 +
    trading pairs
  • 4
    languages support
  • EU regulated
    cryptocurrency exchange
  • MSB
    registered with FinCEN


    0.1% - 0.2%
  • Granular security settings
  • IP access control (IP whitelist)
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Instant Login with Google, Microsoft and Linkedin accounts
  • Robust rest API
  • Lightning-fast orders processing
  • Limit and Stop-Limit orders
  • Streaming API over websockets
  • Highly configurable notifications settings
  • Price notifications
  • Mobile application for Android and iOS
  • Various verification methods
  • Profitable referral program
  • Trading Views world-class advanced charting
  • Quick support response
  • Sample clients for PHP, NodeJS, Ruby, and Swift
  • Detailed documentation
  • Fiat gateway
  • Email encryption (PGP key)
  • Web Authentication with Security Key


  • Vadym Kurylovych
    Vadym Kurylovych
    Founder, Shareholder, Head of R&D
  • Oleksandr Chyzhyk
    Oleksandr Chyzhyk
    Shareholder, Head of Analysis
  • Izabela Daržinkevič
    Izabela Daržinkevič
    Member of the Management board, CEO

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