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  • Chasing Ethereum: Cardano and Solana Make Bold Moves in the Smart Contract Market
    15 Sep, 2021
    Are smart contracts the game changer for blockchains? The Cardano and Solana teams think so. The two alt coins are attracting attention from retail traders...
  • NFL Star Tom Brady and Supermodel Wife Gisele Bündchen’s Bring More Star Power to Crypto in new FTX.US Ad
    13 Sep, 2021
    Naysayers of crypto, be aware. The legions of believers are growing, despite the often “sky is falling” narrative about crypto.
  • BitcoinZ Halving Trading Competition
    10 Sep, 2021
    The top 20 participants with a net-buy volume (Buys minus Sells) will receive a reward according to their ranking in the competition. The top Traders on LTC/BTCZ and BTC/BTCZ pairs with a total volume will receive BTCZ as a Reward on STEX.
  • Is the “Flippenning” Upon Us?  Here’s what you need to know.
    07 Sep, 2021
    The hypothetical theory has been there for years – someday, Ethereum would overtake Bitcoin in market share and become the number one digital currency.
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