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  • Bitcoin caught in market headwinds: can it break away?
    18 May, 2022
    As the mainstream market mayhem continues, Bitcoin and its fellow cryptocurrencies continue to be buffeted by waves of uncertainty and economic pessimism.  But wait!  Wasn’t it just over six months ago that crypto fever struck main street?
  • Bitcoin in a Retirement Portfolio Raises Eyebrows and Crypto’s Profile
    05 May, 2022
    Fidelity Investments, a U.S. based firm that manages significant assets, shook up the fiat world with its announcement that customers could soon add Bitcoin to their retirement savings accounts.
  • Press release
    5th anniversary: Stex from a small exchange into a global crypto trading platform
    25 Apr, 2022
    Man can implement everything he dreams of - he needs just a plan and courage to start. A young Ukrainian programmer Vadym Kurylovych interested in digital technologies ...
  • How a Bitcoin Bump turned into a Blip
    16 Apr, 2022
    The excitement was palpable on social media from anyone who attended the Bitcoin 2022 gathering in Miami last week. Billed as the biggest crypto event of the year, the conference drew big names across the board.
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